Brad Wall


Don't You Dare, Leader Warns NDP

REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is taking federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to task for what Wall says are wealth transfer policies "masquerading" as environmental policies.Wall says Mulcair's ta...

I'm Not The PM's Messenger: Brad Wall

Rekindling his fight with federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he's not Prime Minister Stephen Harper's "messenger." "Nonsense," Wall told CBC News Wednesday. "I'm hire...

Saskatchewan Budget 2012: The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the budget was the decision to increases various medical fees. Ultimately, the budget delivered yesterday won't break the bank -- assuming the government's fiscal projections are correct. This budget nudges the province in the right direction. But it leaves something to be desired.

An NHL Team In Saskatoon?

SASKATOON - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says talk of an NHL team for Saskatoon is very speculative.Hockey fans have been tweeting up a storm since TSN journalist Bob McKenzie wrote a column musing...

Tar Sands: No Shortcut Out of Mucky Debate

By most reports, Alberta's Premier Redford is a smart politician, capable of moving beyond mere platitudes, but she is at risk of drinking the tar sands Kool-Aid too quickly in her mandate and resorting to the name-calling we have come to expect from Alberta's politicians.

Brad Wall's Acid (Rain) Trip

With every tar sands operation approved -- almost weekly -- this dose rises, sending more acid rain over the border. And Brad Wall is doing absolutely nothing to stop it. On the contrary, he's out stumping in the U.S. for increased tar sands growth, which will lead to even more acid rain falling on Saskatchewan.

NDP Leader Resigns In Saskatchewan

New Democratic Party Leader Dwain Lingenfelter has resigned after losing his Regina Douglas Park constituency. It's the first time an NDP leader has lost his own seat in a general election and it came...

Leaders Cast Their Votes In Saskatchewan

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. - The Saskatchewan Party destroyed all comers in a historic landslide victory Monday, knocking off the Opposition leader and putting an exclamation point on what has become the Ye...

Saskatchewan Election Sees NDP Panicking

The once-mighty NDP, led by rookie leader Dwain Lingenfelter, is poised for a humiliating defeat. There is a degree of panic in the party leadership and it is illustrated in their platform. Sensing little chance of winning, the NDP has resorted to old left policies in a desperate attempt to shore up support from unions.