We've Cut THIS Many Jobs!

OTTAWA - The federal government says 10,980 public service jobs have been cut since it introduced its last budget.Roughly 7,500 of those were eliminated through attrition.The March budget said 19,200...

Is Big Brother Threatening Our Charities?

Last week, Canadian Mennonite magazine revealed that it had been threatened by the government. A Canada Revenue audit team the magazine that it could lose its charitable status because of what it published. CRA found some 2011 articles to be in violation of the Income Tax Act which forbids "the direct or indirect support of, or opposition to, any political party or candidate for public office." Where is this taking Canada? Will we be a nation without dissent, without criticism, without discourse? A nation where even the most well-meaning and well-respected charities must keep silent on everything or risk the wrath of government?


OTTAWA - There's a showdown looming between the Parliamentary Budget Officer and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government.Kevin Page has given officials in 56 departments and agencies u...

Katimavik Cancellation A Shame: Supporters

Alumni and supporters of Katimavik rallied across Canada this weekend in an effort to save the popular youth volunteer program cut in the last federal budget. Demonstrations held in Montreal, Ottawa...