Budget Quebec


'A Real Predator'

QUEBEC - An angry Pauline Marois accused Ottawa on Wednesday of acting like a "real predator" with its budget."I am outraged," the Quebec premier said. "They are impossibly stubborn and they are makin...

Quebec Blows Budget Big, Fat Raspberry

QUEBEC - Quebec has given a thumbs down to the new federal budget.Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau says it doesn't advance any of the issues the province has been negotiating with the federal governme...

Quebec Budget: Face to Face with Reality

Once upon a time, in a province where politics generated more suspicion than enthusiasm, at a time when trust was as rare as a rainy day in the desert, a newly-elected government was about to unveil its first budget. The most deplorable thing is that by presenting this budget, the new Quebec government acknowledges the fact that it campaigned on promises he knew were irresponsible and unrealistic.

Quebec Budget Primed For Lean Times

Quebec’s Liberal government continues to boast fiscal discipline in its battle against the province’s looming debt, tabling a $70.1 billion budget that restricts program spending and gambles on natura...

Quebec Budget Incoming

QUEBEC - Quebec will table a provincial budget on March 20 that may well set the table for a general election later in the spring.With Premier Jean Charest into the fourth year of his term, Finance Mi...