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How to Budget For University

By now, most students planning to start college or university in the fall are beginning to think seriously about what needs to be done before their classes start. So how do we help students prepare for the coming year? A good starting point would be by taking some time now to review and discuss the following questions.
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More Taxes Won't Fix Our Fiscal Mess

Not a day goes by without someone, somewhere, asking for politicians to levy another tax on a particular group -- ''the rich'', drivers, smokers, or taxpayers in general. And with fiscal deficits crippling many provinces -- especially Ontario and Quebec -- brace yourself. You can count on lobbies of all sorts and politicians to come up with ''innovative'' ideas on how to dig deeper into your pockets to pay for their pet projects.

A Boring Budget: The Perfect Excuse for a Boring Column

This year's federal budget was par for the course (read: not very interesting). But of course we have a lot of columnists in this country who need to eat, so the slightly more curious need not fear  --  the nation's papers are positively brimming with in-depth insights on precisely how much of a non-event this non-event is.


OTTAWA - Let the sales job — and the griping — begin.Now that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has delivered his 10th budget, it's time to sell its benefits to the masses.Flaherty will speak about his bu...

Program Cut Infuriates Brad Wall

REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is frustrated that the federal government is scrapping the Immigrant Investor Program for all provinces except Quebec.Wall said he knows Ottawa had concerns abo...

The Squeeze Continues

OTTAWA - The Conservative government continues to ratchet in the iron corset that will squeeze an eye-catching election-year surplus for the Canadian body politic.Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's 10th...

Flaherty's Balancing Act

OTTAWA - Lowering consumer bills, training workers to fill in-demand jobs and balancing the books will be key themes Tuesday when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty presents his latest spending plan.With a...

NDP Renewing Mission To Cap ATM Fees

OTTAWA - The NDP is stepping up its battle against bank machine fees, urging the government to make good on its pledge to do something about the charges that vex some Canadian consumers.A motion calli...

Things Are Looking Up

OTTAWA - The federal budget surplus could be bigger than predicted in 2015, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said in an interview aired Sunday.The assessment falls in line with projections from the parli...