Are Modern Teachers to Blame for Bullies?

The movie "Bully" ends with a call for other children to stand up and help when they witness a bullying situation. The premise is that if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. But is it fair to put the burden on children to speak up and help when they see someone being bullied? Is it really realistic?

Bullies Are Drawn To Blue

Children who cry easily and show other signs of depression are more likely to be bullied, but researchers suggest the depression may not necessarily be caused by bullying. People often assume that be...

Boy Sets Girl's Hair On Fire

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with assault with a weapon after a 14-year-old girl's hair was set on fire in a Saint John school's classroom. According to Saint John police, the boy allegedly use...

How We Can Stand Up to Bullies

No celebrity messenger can draw the same level of emotion or heartache that is inherent in the stories of the victims they represent. After all, if we really need Lady Gaga to illustrate why teen suicide is unacceptable, society has deep problems.

How I Bullied the Bully

I grew up despising bullies, perhaps because my father loathed them. When my sister Robin was being bullied, my pal Jim McConkie and I would trail her as she walked to school. When the bully harassed her, we were on him. It solved the problem.

A Bully's Inner World of Contempt

When kids act out, their inner worlds of contempt for themselves are projected onto others. If you can catch those actions early enough, deflect them and encourage those kids to share their positive passions from a place of strength, we may prevent those waves of angst from crashing down upon others.

Ten Things I've Learned From Bullies

Bullying is not just the territory of the biggest and strongest. A bully is someone who can create and abuse power in a relationship. Your boss can be a bully. Someone you are dating. The bullying is in the constant threat of violence and the power dynamics at play.

Jamie Hubley Didn't Have to Die

Before we have another case like Jamie Hubley's on our hands, it's time for Canada to stand up loud and proud and say, "It gets better." Where is Prime Minister Harper's message that it gets better? I don't believe that Harper, his cabinet, the Conservative Party or other Members of Parliament are anti-gay. But I think their silence is deafening.

How to Deal With Bullies

There will always be people who are jealous or resentful of your success. They're spiteful people who begrudge you the pride you have in yourself and the recognition you're receiving from others. They can't stand it that you're happy, fulfilled and achieving your goals.

How to Reform a Bully

Can a bully learn to be a kind and caring person; to live and let live? The answer is yes, but only if they're able to heal their self-loathing and develop the same self-acceptance that everyone requires.