Business Philosophy


Are You a Corporate Gladiator?

Corporate gladiators are a unique breed who fight to get the things done that make their organizations move forward faster. Depending on the week, I've come to think of myself as one of these gladiators, and I've observed that we have a way of finding each other and joining our army of supporters together.
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In Business, You Can Still Be Kind

While the philosophy of why we work continues to evolve and modernize, it still feels like we hold on to the dogma of what business is supposed to be. Perhaps with all of this moral awakening, sharing on social media, connecting to others and events like Occupy Wall Street or the Arab Spring, we should be paying closer attention to the human bottom line rather than the financial one?

What Deepak Chopra Can Do for Your Business

Transformational author, Deepak Chopra was the one who really brought The Law of Detachment to light for many of us. The Law of Detachment would want us to let go of the ultimate outcome once we know that we've taken all the steps necessary (a.k.a. hard work) to make those business dreams come true.