Seems They're Having A Bit Of A Disagreement

Prime Minister Stephen Harper seemed to part ways slightly from Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who said earlier this week that the federal budget won't be balanced by the government's 2015-16 goal, wi...

Keeping Canada Away From the Fiscal Cliff

When Canada's annual budget deficit came in bigger than expected at $26.2 billion recently, the news didn't spark a sell-off in the markets or an emergency debate in parliament. But that doesn't mean Canadians should be complacent about balancing the budget. As taxpayers, we need to keep our politicians focused controlling costs, keeping taxes affordable, and balancing budgets -- the straight and narrow path that leads us far away from the fiscal cliff.

Federal Government To Cut Faster, Deeper

The federal government is accelerating and deepening its plans to eliminate the deficit despite slow growth projections and a lacklustre job market. Several major government departments have been ask...