Defence Minister Says Reserve Units Safe

EDMONTON - Defence Minister Peter MacKay insists the future of the Canadian Forces reserves remains bright despite talk of looming cuts.MacKay says a report in the National Post that contends reserve...

Privacy Violation as a Weapon Against Veterans

There are many cases of privacy violation at Veterans Affairs. Those that have gone public have two things in common: they have all spoken out about VAC policy and they are all veterans. Some can prove the Minister was given their information. Some can only prove that Ministerial staff was reading their files. Why is this happening?

Can Canada Afford Its Military?

Shrinking budgets in the years ahead is leading to questions about what kind of military Canada will have. Defence spending has increased by about a billion dollars every year under the Harper govern...

The Dire Consequence of Mistreating Our Veterans

We all have unlimited responsibility to look after for those who serve when those damages occur. They agree to take personal damage up to, and including, giving their lives in service to us all. Yet we have been evading this responsibility for decades. Perhaps a century. If you ask around, you will find that military and police services are still largely family businesses -- the children of members will likely enlist themselves. Our recruitment forecasts count on that. So what happens when we short-change the veterans?

Should November Be a Month for Remembering Moustaches?

I'm not knocking Movember. It is an excellent campaign, both for fundraising and awareness. I don't even have a problem with the timing. I have absolutely nothing against Movember. I'm using it for comparison purposes because Movember and Remembrance both happen during the same month and are both about awareness. And last week, Movember enjoyed a lot more media coverage than veterans.

On Their Own?

Federal cuts are threatening the future of a program that hires veterans who have been medically discharged from the Canadian Forces, according to a Liberal senator. "It is a program that's in troubl...

For Canadians, the Korean War was an Adventure

This week, sixty-two years ago, was the start of the Korean War. It was a chance for Canadians who were too young for World War II to experience what others had endured in wartime; it was an adventure. The mixture of veterans and rookies proved to be a more effective force than many expected, and Canadians who were there now recognize how worthwhile their contribution was.

Canadian Upgrades Its Armour

CFB GAGETOWN, N.B. - The federal government is spending $708 million to buy 500 armoured vehicles for the Canadian Army.They will be built by Textron Systems Canada Inc., based in Ottawa."The new vehi...

Arctic Troops Running Out Of Parkas?

OTTAWA - Six years after the Harper government declared the Arctic to be a new operations area for the Canadian military, the army has struggled to find enough parkas, cold-weather tents, lanterns and...

Real Soldiers Don't Get PTSD

Turns out the Department of National Defence is eliminating the jobs of medical professionals involved in suicide prevention and monitoring post-traumatic stress disorders. Aren't these cuts a little short-sighted?

Coronation Leads to Explosive Reaction

To mark the occasion of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, someone in high command in the Commonwealth Division ordered all divisional artillery to fire celebratory red, white and blue smoke shells on Chinese positions across the front in Korea. The Chinese thought it was deadly gas, and responded with actual artillery.

Canada's Elite Soldiers Neglected?

OTTAWA - Canada's elite troops and their families have faced a "disjointed" level of social support from the military — and in some cases implemented their own programs to cope with the hardship and u...

Military Seeks Fresh Underwear

It's the hidden cost in Canada's fight against terror: long johns geared for chemical warfare.The Canadian Forces are looking to replenish depleted stocks of long underwear at their Counter Terrorism...

Report: DND Must Set Aside More Cash

OTTAWA - Canada's auditor general is raising questions about the practice of contracting out maintenance on military equipment, and warns National Defence may not be setting aside enough cash to keep...