Canadian Navy

Navy's Combat Readiness Under Fire

The Royal Canadian Navy is facing serious challenges to meet its combat readiness requirements, according to a review by the Department of National Defence. The Chief Review Services Evaluation cites...
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OTTAWA - The navy's decision to retire four venerable warships will mean finding short-term stop-gaps until new vessels are built.Two of the fleet's three destroyers, HMCS Iroquois and Algonquin, and...

Esquimalt Crew Hurt In Naval Ship Fire

ESQUIMALT, B.C. - A Canadian navy warship stranded in the Pacific Ocean was expected to be towed to Hawaii after an engine-room fire significantly damaged the vessel and injured about 20 sailors, the...

Canada's Navy: Deep-Sixed Over the Decades

Canada sure has a long, long way to go: The Canadian Navy has 8,500 personnel. The American navy has 317,000. Of course, the United States patrols the world, while Canada's navy patrols its own jurisdiction. But even so, the gap is not only noticeable but embarrassing.

Twitter Reacts To Royal Namechange

The Conservatives announced Tuesday that the Canadian air force and navy will, once again, have the word Royal in their names. The units, formerly known as Maritime Command and Air Command, will be kn...