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TD Bank CEO: I'm Paid Too Much

Asked if bank chief executives are paid too much, Toronto-Dominion Bank CEO Ed Clark answers with an unhesitating "yes." The man who led Canada Trust before stepping in to run the whole bank in 2002...

This CEO Just Took A Pay Cut

CALGARY - WestJet (TSX:WJA) chief executive Gregg Saretsky earned nearly $3.2 million last year, down slightly from the nearly $3.5 million he earned in 2012, as the size of his bonus shrunk.According...

Canada's CEOs Are Among the Fattest Cats

After the US, Canada has the second highest CEO-to-worker pay ratio. Last year, for instance, the CEO of BCE, George Cope, received $11.1-million in compensation. This staggering sum is nearly 200 times more than what a Bell Canada technician in Toronto makes and 2,000 times the pay of an Indian call-centre worker who responds to Bell customers.

Why Are CEOs Making So Much More Than Their Workers?

Taken as a whole, very high CEO to worker pay ratios can signal systemic wealth disparity. CEO pay has been outstripping executive and worker pay year over year by a wide margin because of structural issues related to "peer group benchmarking" (the very way CEOs are paid). This structural pay inequity is unrelated to CEO performance.

Incentive Pay That Works

It is hardly surprising that boards do not focus on value creation, strategic planning, or maximizing company performance, survey after survey, as much as they do on compliance. Their compensation structure does not incent them to. Here is what is needed to align director pay with shareholder interests:

Air Canada CEO's Pay Soars Sky High

MONTREAL - Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu's total compensation more than doubled to $9.5 million in 2012 thanks to a $5-million retention bonus.The airline (TSX:AC.B) said Friday in a regulatory filin...