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Big-Name Arrest In Quebec

LAVAL, Que. - A corruption-related storm ripped through the Montreal area Thursday, devastating once-sturdy political institutions inside and outside the city.The party that won Montreal's last munici...


Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay has announced his resignation less than a week after he was personally implicated in testimony at Quebec's public inquiry into corruption in the province's construction...

So a Loser, a Salesman and a Bigot Walk Into a Quebec Election ...

As a general rule, one can find at election time a candidate or two who inspires at least some slight degree of votability. Not so this time around in Quebec. We have one man who has already proven himself unworthy, another whose professed political raison d'être is so preposterous that people can only assume he must be lying, and a woman who appears more and more to be a bigot determined to rid Quebec of immigrants, the English language and, ultimately, Canada. As they say, the choice is yours.