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Some Good News For NDP

OTTAWA - The House of Commons passed an Opposition motion Wednesday that calls on the federal government to come up with a national strategy on palliative care.And while she's not promising to launch...

NDP Seeks To Clip Harper's Wings

OTTAWA - The federal Opposition is pushing for restrictions on the use of government jets for non-government business.The New Democrats have tabled a motion in the House of Commons that would see the...

Ethics Report Called 'Complete Farce'

A new report from the House ethics committee ignores most of the suggestions about how to improve the rules for cabinet ministers and senior staffers, but recommends applying those rules to all union...
Charlie Angus

The "Four Horses" Video Is a Portrait of Canada's Dark History

I came to the Qu'Appelle Valley for the filming of the video "Four Horses." It is a musical video project intended to shed light on this dark history. I thought I knew Canadian history. However, as I stood with guitar in hand on the grasslands I saw my country in a way I had never imagined. Not so long ago on these picturesque fields, Aboriginal children were suffering. This comes at a time when the Harper government are wrapping their political agenda in a revisionist history of redcoats, muskets and old white dudes decked out in muttonchops. Lost in this "Heritage Moment" notion of history are the voices of the Canadians who suffered so grievously when the treaties were broken.

MP: Tories Have Failed Survivors

NDP MP Charlie Angus sent a letter Monday to Justice Minister Peter MacKay, charging the government with breaching its legal obligations to residential school survivors and calling for extreme steps t...

MPs Rivals Love To Hate

OTTAWA - In the popular TV show Mad Men, short-clipped advertising account man Pete Campbell is the character everyone loves to hate — young, conservative, ambitious and fabulously snotty.On Parliamen...
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MPs in Glass Houses Shouldn't Stone Trudeau

Between NDP MPs not paying their income taxes and members of the federal Conservative caucus being accused of defrauding taxpayers through false spending claims, neither party has the moral authority to determine whether Justin Trudeau acted inappropriately in being compensated for speeches he was being asked to deliver that were outside his mandate as an MP. At its core the vitriol and stunning rhetoric regarding this issue has little to do with Trudeau's actions and far more to do with the fear of what Justin Trudeau at the helm of the Liberal Party of Canada could do to the government and official opposition.
Charlie Angus

The Event That Started My Life in Politics

I am often asked the question "What got you into politics?" I always think back to a cold October night in 2000, when I stood on a makeshift barricade on the Adams Mine Road. Across the road, police were lining up for mass arrests. But the people who were holding the line weren't radicals, they were my neighbours -- many of them senior citizens and farmers. Up until that moment, I had never considered a life in politics. This is the story of how a dump fight morphed into a two-decade campaign of creative and determined civil resistance. Along the way, we trashed Toronto's Olympic bid in Switzerland, organized road blockades, and hired private detectives to track down backroom investors.

Charlie Angus Talks Senate Expenses

MONTREAL - An opposition MP says a media report on a Conservative senator's expense claims is part of a disturbing pattern that points to bigger problems at the institution.New Democrat Charlie Angus...
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First Nation Cops Are Facing "Combat-Level" Stress

On a warm evening last May, officer Pauline Nguyen went into her backyard and shot herself with her police service revolver. The death of this popular 24-year-old police officer stunned people in her hometown of Thunder Bay. There have been other attempted and threatened suicides from overstressed officers. And the pressures are about to get worse. On March 31, the Conservative government will terminate the Police Officer Recruitment Fund (PORF). The loss of this funding will mean lay-offs of 11 more police officers. Such a loss will add pressure to an already overstretched force.

What Chief Spence's Hunger Strike Says About Canada

"I'm willing to die for my people because the pain is too much and it's time for the government to realize what (it's) doing to us." We should all be ashamed that these words were uttered in Canada, and that a First Nation leader has put her life on the line to be heard. A hunger strike in Canada is a sign of imperfect democracy.
Blaire Russell

Why Aboriginal Frustration Is Boiling Over

Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat started a hunger strike this week -- "I am willing to die for my people because the pain is too much and it's time for the government to realize what it's doing to us." The frustration of Aboriginal Peoples is understandable given the complete lack of progress on their issues and the refusal of the government to fulfill its legal obligation to consult with them on matters that may impact their inherent and/or treaty rights. The outrage of First Nations, Inuit and Métis is not only understandable, but justified.
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HuffPost Canada Rocks COPA Awards!

Last night I stood in the kind of hip club space I haven't visited since my 20s, jammed with nominees for the annual Canadian Online Publishing Awards. That spirit of course imbues our own upstart site here at HuffPost Canada, which was nominated for no fewer than eight awards. You can imagine how proud I was, as the former Managing Editor of Blogs here, to see our talented writers walk away with both the Gold and Silver awards for Best Blog in the daily and weekly newspapers, and broadcasters category.

How McGuinty Stopped a Train and Started a Fight

They call it "Black" Friday -- September 28th, the day passenger train service died in Northern Ontario. The loss of public transit has exposed a deep political divide between the north and south in Ontario. The train has always been the primary symbol of who we are as a region, and the decision to kill the Northlander will set the political discourse in Northern Ontario for years to come.

The Week That Was: Go West, Young Website

So declared our main news splash on Thursday, announcing the birth of two new regional editions of HuffPost, in Alberta and British Columbia. As other major media organizations across the country lay off staff and shutter their presses, HuffPost's expansion west is good news -- great news -- for readers who are rapidly running out of sources of local news and opinion. Meanwhile it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas -- which is a parent's way of saying it's Back to School time. I need advice on how to a contrive a sympathetic and sorrowful look on my face when my kids and I bump into the stacks of school supplies at the mall. My impulse is to shout, "YES!"

LETTER TO JOHN DUNCAN: Why Did You Kill Badly Needed Housing in Attawapiskat?

We are disturbed that in the days following a Federal Court decision you refused to provide a ministerial guarantee to support a plan to build 30 new duplexes in Attawapiskat through rents established at market rates. Thirty new units would have gone a long way towards alleviating the serious levels of overcrowding in the community. As the band had already been approved by CMHC, your role was simply to sign a ministerial guarantee. This was not a hand-out but a forward-looking plan that to provide safe housing for families who are living in very precarious conditions.

The Truth Is, Attawapiskat Was Never Financially Mismanaged

On August 1, the Federal Court released its judicial review of the appointment of a Third Party Manager in Attawapiskat. Over and over again, the Federal Court states that financial mismanagement was not the issue, and never had been. The fact that the public dialogue about Attawapiskat was almost wholly concerned with allegations of such mismanagement, demonstrates just how intensely events can become hijacked by misunderstandings.

Cushy Rules For Jet-Setting Ministers

OTTAWA - Travel rules that apply to federal ministers appear to be about as firm — and as fat-conscious — as the clotted cream on the scones at London's swishy Savoy Hotel.The office of Bev Oda says t...