Child Abuse


A Bizarre Form Of Child Abuse

TORONTO - Doctors need to be alert for signs of a form of abuse in which a parent fabricates illness in a child and exposes them to unnecessary and potentially harmful tests and treatments, says the A...

What to Do When Your Young One's "Playing Doctor"

So you walked in on your young kid and a friend "playing doctor." What do you do? First of all, these kids are not perverse -- they're curious. Their motivation in what we consider their sex play is not sexual in adult terms. They want to see and possibly touch, but their aim is to learn the similarities and differences in their anatomies. So. how should you handle the situation?

Dorothy Sandusky Is Just as Much a Monster

Evil can come in many forms, even the gentle grey softness of a grandmother like Dottie Sandusky.That monsters like Jerry Sandusky exist is a sad reality. Sadder still is the women who protect these men. Is it possible that this woman had absolutely no idea of the atrocities being committed in her own home? Dorothy Sandusky owes the world an apology.

Higher Ground

We bear our children at the feet of mountains. Not literally. I mean, some people might. Personally, I'm still on the fence about giving birth any further than 10 feet from a spinal tap. But figurativ...