Childhood Asthma


Why I'm Boycotting Tim Hortons

Like many Canadians I love to indulge in a cup of Tim Hortons coffee. They're Canadian, there are lots of them, and they're affordable. And who doesn't love their infamous Rrrrollll Up The Rim to Win contest? But I am willing to put my pride aside and in fact boycott Tim Hortons indefinitely.

Dispatches From Down East: My Motherly Instincts Paid Off

A new study out of the University of Texas has found that mild and moderate asthma sufferers may not need daily puffs from their inhalers any more. And I for one am breathing easier after confirmation that I was on the right track with this one all along. Maybe a mother's instincts are a credible decision-making force after all. From the start, I followed my gut and said no to year-round puffer usage and yes to steroids only when asthma flares up. I guess that puts our son six years ahead of the study.