Christine Lagarde

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Police Raid Home Of IMF Chief

PARIS - A lawyer for IMF chief Christine Lagarde says French investigators have searched her Paris home as part of an inquiry into her role in a $400 million arbitration deal in favour of a tycoon.The...

Christine's Lagarde's To-Do List

At the IMF-World Bank Annual meetings in Tokyo, Japan this month, participants from the private and public financial sector gathered to assess the state of the world economy. With the Great Recession still fresh on everyone's minds and the speed of economic recovery barely making the kind of positive impact that could be felt on Main Street, the mood was sombre and pensive. As the head of the International Monetary Fund, all eyes were on Christine Lagarde to guide and prescribe a global recovery plan.
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The Economics of Europe's Lost Generation

At the IMF and World Bank Group annual meetings in Tokyo, the European economic crisis was never off the agenda and often took centre stage in panel discussions. In the streets of Athens, Madrid, and in cities of other fiscal adjusting European states, there is a real belief that this new economic reality will result in a lost generation.

The Bailout Money Stops Here

WASHINGTON - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty had some tough talk on Thursday for the 17 euro zone countries, saying Canada and other non-euro nations shouldn't be expected to commit any more bailout fun...

Carney Named Banking's Top Cop

Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney, a former investment banker, has been chosen by G20 leaders to serve as the new global watchdog on the world's financial fat cats.The sharp-tongued 46-year-old is b...

Is the IMF a Sexist Organization?

The IMF is not misogynistic but its technocratic organizational culture is notably conformist. Unless Lagarde can encourage more women to study macroeconomics, her attempts to bring women into management will be window dressing.