Christy Clark is 'Down With O.P.P.' : Other Provinces' Problems

Christy Clark has weighed into Quebec's not-yet-debated, not-yet-modified, not-yet-voted, not-yet-implemented or enforced charter. B.C. has come a long way from the 1907 race riots. Many are proud of B.C.'s rich diversity, but there is still work to do. There have been sporadic deplorable acts of intolerance in B.C. during the Premier's tenure. Curiously, she wasn't compelled to comment on issues occurring in her own province: Indigenous slurs, neo-Nazi enclaves, racial profiling...

Who's In?

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark will introduce a cabinet Friday that includes a new natural gas ministry and a team of ministers focused on growing British Columbia's economy and reducing government...

Clark Mocks Media

Christy Clark took the opportunity to poke fun at the media’s reliance on polls at her post-election press conference Wednesday. “You guys get this stuff for free,” she laughed. “You should take it fo...