NDP And Freeland: Fans To Foes

OTTAWA — The NDP and the Liberals may be locked in nasty war of words in the Toronto Centre by-election but New Democrats were big fans of Chrystia Freeland before she became the Grit candidate. NDP...

Media Bites: Chrystia Freeland Is Just the Liberals' Next Blue Blood

Justin Trudeau, the ultra-fortunate son of a G8 prime minister/part-time millionaire trust fund heir, says he's the best guy to defend the interests of Canada's middle class. But don't worry -- he's not sheltered enough to think he can do it alone: he's recruited Chrystia Freeland, a wealthy Oxford-and-Harvard educated international business journalist to help. Recruiting a globetrotting public intellectual to teach her one-percenter boss what middle-income Canadians want? The unavoidable fact is that Canada's Liberals are a party that oozes wealth, power, and establishment cliquishness.