Kathy Kaufield

How I Learned to Love Clutter

When my daughters were younger and we lived in a smaller house, I dreamed of having a playroom in the basement so I could shut the door, ignore the mess and minimize the noise. When we moved to a new house, I was ecstatic when we dumped the toys in the playroom. Problem was, our girls did not want to play downstairs.
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13 Professional Tips to Stay Organized for Life

Think of your home as an extension of your body. Do you want to be fit? You have to work out. Do you want to have a streamlined and organized life? You have to do a "stuff workout" on a regular basis. I wish there was a magic bullet. Believe me. But I can't think of many more things more fulfilling than knowing where everything is and knowing that everything you have is something you want and need.

Too Much Stuff!

One of the big reasons we have too much stuff is the availability of lots of inexpensive (or expensive!) consumer products. Where our mothers or grandmothers may have used a bar of soap in the bathroom, and a few pots, pans and wooden spoons in the kitchen, we now have dozens of cleansers and gadgets.