Colin & Justin

Charles Schug via Getty Images

How To Go Wild With Cottage Chic

While the bedroom transformation was successful and went (for the most part) without too many hitches, the same can't be said for the rest of the cottage transformation. Indeed as work progressed in other zones, project drama truly escalated. Little did we know what lay in store. Exacerbated by a tiny design budget -- and an even smaller team -- something had to give. Jeesh.

The Great Outdoors: City Boys in the Country

We're city boys; it's official. Hey, our Smythson printed business card proudly attests this, proclaiming -- in raised 'Bookman Old Style' font -- 'Colin & Justin; Glasgow, London, Toronto.' Yup, we have metropolis, God damn it, coursing through our veins faster than Kim Kardashian heading to a photo opp' with rabid pap's in hot pursuit.