My Departure From the Order of Canada

It had been obvious for two years that the honours and awards staff that administer the Order of Canada were rabid in their ambition to remove me, and I publicly referred to their ambitions in this regard as "orgasmic." I learned long ago that honours do not make a man, any more than the withdrawal of honours unmakes one.

Black STRIPPED Of Order Of Canada

Conrad Black has been formally stripped of two of Canada’s highest honours. On Friday, Governor General David Johnston announced the termination of the former media mogul’s appointment as an Officer o...

Watching the Watchdog: Conrad Black and the Art of the Interview

Conrad Black was once the world's third biggest newspaper magnate. Then he lost his newspapers and spent three years in an American prison for fraud and obstruction of justice. During that time he wrote a book, A Matter of Principle. Now he's in England flogging the book. Highlight so far is his interview on the BBC TV program Newsnight with acerbic host Jeremy Paxman. Talk about a clash of egos.

Conrad Black Fights To Keep Order Of Canada

Former media baron Conrad Black has gone to Federal Court, seeking to be allowed to give his side of the story in front of an advisory council looking into whether he should be allowed to remain an of...

The Order of Canada Wages Class Warfare Against Lord Black

Since the beginning of Black's legal travails there has been a quiet campaign to remove him from the Order of Canada. The Advisory Council finds it acceptable to pursue a wealthy man who had the misfortune to be targetted by U.S. kangaroo prosecutors though it has never moved against the ignominious fraudster and "world's fastest human being," Ben Johnson.