Conservative Backbenchers


Why Harper Should Hug His Backbenchers Tight

It appears that backbenchers are starting to play a bigger and bigger role, albeit confidentially. Some senior Conservatives are warning Harper to replace House Leader Peter Van Loan and Government Whip Gordon O'Connor; if not, more Tory MPs will defect. Should 10 Conservative MPs leave the caucus, the Conservatives will be reduced to a minority.

Tories Accused Of Spying On MPs

OTTAWA — Opposition parties accused Stephen Harper’s government of spying on its own MPs and being poor money managers Thursday after The Huffington Post Canada revealed Conservatives had spent $23 mi...

Speaker Eases MP 'Muzzle'

OTTAWA - The Speaker of the House of Commons has cleared the way for a bit of free-for-all politicking prior to the daily question period.Andrew Scheer has told MPs if they want to deliver a member's...

Hot Seat

OTTAWA - It's not easy being Andrew Scheer these days.The 33-year-old Speaker of the House of Commons is now getting pressure from all corners as he considers the question of how much freedom of speec...