Has the Liberal Party Found Its Messiah?

I gather from all the media hype that Canadians are supposed to be waiting with bated breath and pounding heart for the "Second Coming" i.e. Justin Trudeau's non-announcement this week that he will enter the Liberal Party's leadership race. I say non-announcement as I don't know anyone who pays attention to politics who actually thought Trudeau would sit this one out.

Harper Flubs Foreign Affairs File -- Again

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making a trip to New York this week, but it isn't to attend a United Nations meeting to which Canada was extended an invitation. The Prime Minister will instead be in the glitzy hotel, where he is due to receive an award from the little-known Appeal of Conscience Foundation, an interfaith partnership of corporate and religious leaders. Between the successive fossil awards for environmental savagery and the unfortunate de-funding of reproductive health in foreign aid, the Harper government continues to slide Canada's international influence down to the gutter.

Limiting the Competition in Politics is a Loser's Game

According to a media report, it would appear that New Brunswick MP, Dominic Leblanc, would like to limit the number of contenders for the Liberal Party leadership. Leadership races are supposed to rejuvenate a party, improve its fortunes and give it a bounce in the polls. You won't do that unless you debate new ideas, hopefully with a few new people at the table.

Bring It On

The Conservatives and the Opposition New Democrats have drawn their political battle lines in time for the return of MPs to Parliament after a two-month summer break. Government House Leader Peter Va...

Will National Unity Be a Part of Harper's Legacy?

Any Prime Minister in his sixth year in office and nine years as party leader has to start looking at his legacy. What will he be leaving Canada with when down the road he decides to leave? Up until this point it was his performance on the economic front that was the strongest item, now how he performs and whether or not he can keep Canada together will also be part of his legacy.

The Iranian-Canadian Industry of Human Rights

While it is of paramount importance to actively struggle against conspicuous violations of the most seriously thought out and radical ethical systems, this industry of human rights activism constantly puts Iranians in terribly compromising positions by encouraging the federal government to enforce retrogressive measures.

What Paul Ryan Could Learn From Stephen Harper

Many Canadian commenters are drawing comparisons between Republican heartthrob Paul Ryan and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Some parallels do exist. Both are men of strong convictions; both gained prominence at relatively young ages. More important than the similarities, however, are the differences.

$250k Deposit Please

A lawyer for seven Conservative MPs whose 2011 election wins are being challenged in Federal Court wants to see a $250,000 deposit on costs in case the challengers lose. Nine Canadians in seven ridin...

David Cameron Mingles With the Commoners

British Prime Minister David Cameron is demanding that his cabinet ministers essentially get in line like everyone else when it comes to upcoming Olympic traffic in London. In this case Cameron is being proactive and he is setting a good example in a time of restraint. Not only that, but it won't hurt his ministers to mix with the voting public; at the very least they will get to travel like the rest of us.

If Justin Trudeau Likes The Oil Sands, Why Can't You?

Once we acknowledge that virtually all of us agree that the oil sands are vital to Canada, we recognize the absurdity of claims that this is in any way a nationally divisive issue. Even Justin Trudeau, the man poised to be the next Liberal leader, knows that developing the oil sands is the only choice for Canadians.

Harper's Wrong, Toronto is the Greatest City in Canada

I suppose I can understand why Stephen Harper would call Calgary the "greatest city" in Canada, as he did this week. After all, a whopping 70 per cent of the city voted for him and his Conservative party in the 2011 federal election. But he's quite obviously wrong. Toronto is Canada's greatest city. And if you don't believe that, well you're just as delusional as the prime minister.

Harper Doesn't Hate Women, He Hates Incompetence

In light of Bev Oda's resignation as an MP and cabinet minister, blogger Rachel Décoste asserted that this was a sign of "a disturbing trend" emerging from Harper's dealings with women that might suggest he "harbours hatred" for the female sex. However the only "disturbing trend" to emerge from the PM's dealings with women is that substantial swathes of the dogmatic left actually believe he hates them.

Why I Should Lead the Liberal Party of Canada

My vision for Canada's future is one that appeals to our higher aspirations and hopes for the future, rather than to our fears, distrust, and resentment. In running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, I want to appeal to all those Canadians who are uncertain where they fit into Canadian politics, but want to talk about the kind of nation we are building, and what it is that makes us Canadian.

Turns Out a Real Summer Shuffle Isn't in the Cards

Wednesday, Stephen Harper conducted what can best be described as a micro shuffle as it really wasn't big enough to be called a mini-shuffle. With no warning to the media who cover such items, everyone was taken by surprise. And that's not even mentioning the inevitable disappointment of certain backbenchers.

Part 2: Give Workers the Chance to Say "No" to Old-Time Union Bosses

Sometimes big challenges require big ideas. And big ideas mean big change. Ontario has bounced back before by thinking -- and acting -- with bold strokes. Ontario can again lead Canada in competitiveness and job creation by getting our economic fundamentals right. But a key step will be to open up economic opportunities for individual workers -- not old-time union bosses.

Spanking Iran Won't Get Canada Far

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister recently convened ambassadors in Ottawa and pressed for an aggressive stance against Iran. The West's threat of military intervention in Iran is akin to spanking your child while yelling, "Don't hit others!" Canada needs to influence its allies with a "do what we do" approach.

Food for Thought on World Refugee Day

There are an estimated 12 million displaced people on the planet at this moment and most of them are children. News of this came around the same time as the controversy surrounding Bill C-31, and the way the Harper government wants to crack down on immigration and refugees. But this World Refugee Day, let's be careful and conscious in our assessment of exactly who these people are.
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Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Summer Politics

It is June; summer is here, although Ottawa's weather might make you doubt that. Outside of media-types and pundits, are Canadians breathlessly debating whether or not Bob Rae should break his previous commitment and run for the Liberal leadership? Somehow which brand of mustard to use on your hot dog or hamburger takes on more importance than the leadership of the third struggling party.

Mulcair: Rising in the East, Setting in the West?

In this week's editorial pages we got to meet Thomas Muclair, SCARY ENEMY OF NATIONAL UNITY when he railed against the Alberta oil industry. All the western premiers quickly fired back, calling Mulcair's grasp of economics "tenuous and "goofy." But some are conceding that Muclair is being pretty damn "clever" in rejecting one of the dominant pieces of conventional wisdom in post-Harper Canadian politics: that you need the West to win.

Why Making Prisoners "Pay" Won't Work

Time for prisoners to start paying their own way, says the Minister for Public Safety, Vic Toews. This will invariably lead to the reduction of community corrections programs that have been shown to best promote successful rehabilitation and reintegration. What if instead of trying to break the cycle of poverty-to-prison-to-poverty, we actively embraced it?

Harper Government Can't See the Forest for the Trees

Environmental groups in Canada are in the crosshairs of the government, and are under investigation for fiscal mismanagement. But what about groups like the Fraser Institute, which uses foreign money to feed misinformation to children, undermine national and global climate action and block shifts away from the most carbon-intensive energy on earth?

Is There a Giant Slayer Among the Liberal Leadership Candidates?

As we approach the month of June, the Liberal party will soon be making a decision on when to hold their next leadership convention. With roughly a month to go, there doesn't seem to be much interest from the public in what they do or, for that matter, what they decide. Clearly at this point in time the NDP offers voters the biggest contrast with the governing Conservatives; the Liberals still don't seem to fit in anywhere.

Liberals Need CPR, not the NDP's Dead Weight

Like the Conservative party, the NDP appeals to the politics of fear in order to win votes -- fear of Stephen Harper. The Liberal party tried just that in the 2011 election and it didn't work. The Liberals' primary message was rebuking the Conservatives for their undemocratic practices, not one offering a compelling vision for the future of the country.