Transit Strike?

BURNABY, B.C. - Tensions have ramped up between Coast Mountain Bus Company and its unionized office staff as members of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union have voted 91 per cent in f...
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Could a B.C. Government Worker Actually Grow the Economy?

It's an all-too-regular occurrence in this province. Government employees, whipped up by their union leaders, marching against whatever economic development opportunity is being proposed. Pipelines to the coast? Opposed. Gas exploration? Opposed. Companies creating investment revenue for pensions? Opposed. New mine? Opposed. Coal exports? Opposed. But what if government employees had a direct financial stake in the economy doing better than expected? Would they be more willing to consider ways to grow the economy? It's an interesting premise, and one the B.C. government will test in the next round of collective bargaining.

Fired ICBC Estimators Gain Union Muscle

The union representing six fired Insurance Corporation of B.C. estimators says it will fight the dismissals because the employees were just doing what the company had told them to do. Five estimators...