The Mad Piper of D-Day: A Canadian Hero

On Friday, an ever-dwindling gang of fading, brave champions shall gather. Their gang were beautiful, planet-saving heroes, every last one of them. But there was bravery, and then there was Bill Millin, Piper Bill, a commando who astonishingly marched the beaches of Normandy that pivotal day seven decades ago, as his comrades swam, rushed, fell, fought, died around him.

Juno Beach Wind Farm Plans Anger Veterans

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- TORONTO - A French plan to install towering wind turbines within sight of a beach where thousands of Canadians fought a bloody battle launching the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupi...

O Canada: Anthem Overload

When someone raises a flag on Canada Day, sure, terrific. Bob and Doug forever. When it's time to honour our brave war veterans, no doubt, they're the champs. But when I attend a game to cheer on the local collection of rink-circlers, I don't feel it's a relevant or appropriate place for the anthem.