Darryl Watts


No Decision On New Trial For Soldier

CALGARY - The Canadian Forces says it will not challenge a court ruling that overturned a soldier's conviction in a fatal training accident in Afghanistan.In September, the Court Martial Appeal Court...

The Wrong Sentence And Conviction?

CALGARY - A veteran Canadian Forces reservist convicted for his role in a deadly training accident in Afghanistan will appeal both his sentence and conviction.Darryl Watts was found guilty in December...

Retired Soldier Backs Watts

Mike Vernon, a retired lieutenant colonel, said he is disappointed in the verdict, but not surprised. "I don't think Darryl Watts is responsible for what went on at that range that day,"

Jury Continues To Deliberate

CALGARY - A fourth day of deliberations will be required to determine the fate of a Calgary reservist charged following a fatal training mishap in Afghanistan in 2010.Maj. Darryl Watts, 44, faces six...

Fate Now In The Hands Of Military Jury

CALGARY - The fate of a Canadian reservist charged in a fatal training accident in Afghanistan has been placed in the hands of a military jury.Maj. Darryl Watts, 44, faces charges that include manslau...

Soldiers Understood The Risks

CALGARY - The dangers of the Claymore anti-personnel mine were made abundantly clear to soldiers at an Afghanistan training range before an accident that killed a young corporal, a court martial heard...