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The Week In Review: Dean Del Mastro and the Problem with Canada's Election Laws

This week Elections Canada announced that it was laying four charges against former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro. If Del Mastro is guilty, he deserves to be punished. There's no excuse for a politician violating election laws. But we need to also consider whether we're well served by the current rules -- rules that require burdensome accounting and auditing to enforce. Rules that are too complex for a citizen to assess whether his MP has complied or not. And rules that encourage the expenditure of excessive energy (and lawyers) on finding ways to gain value without surpassing arbitrary spending and contribution limits.

Del Mastro: Let's Go To Trial Quickly

OTTAWA - A lawyer for embattled MP Dean Del Mastro says his client is keen for his election spending case to go to trial as quickly as possible.Jeff Ayotte says the Ontario MP, formerly a member of th...