Deepak Chopra

Why Positive Thinking May Prevent You From Winning

It's appealing to think we can control our lives by thinking positive. That's why so many people have bought into the law of attraction. Walk around with a sulk on your face and you'll draw angry people and crummy outcomes that mirror your inner states. If only life were that simple...

Make It Snappy: Conservatives

OTTAWA - Just as what it delivers is changing dramatically, Canada Post must make difficult changes to keep pace in the digital world, the head of Crown agency told a Commons committee Wednesday.In de...
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Holiday Gifts that are Cheap, Cheerful, and Healthy

In the years I've been writing about health, readers have assumed that I'm the go-to-girl for healthy gift ideas that are easy to find and that don't break the bank. Truth be told, I'm no shopping expert, but over time I've developed a go-to-list of useful, healthy and fun gift ideas I'm proud to pass on. Follow these suggestions, toss them wrapped in colorful tissue into a snazzy gift bag, and you'll have more time for chestnuts roasting by an open fire.

What Deepak Chopra Can Do for Your Business

Transformational author, Deepak Chopra was the one who really brought The Law of Detachment to light for many of us. The Law of Detachment would want us to let go of the ultimate outcome once we know that we've taken all the steps necessary (a.k.a. hard work) to make those business dreams come true.

The Importance Of Being Alone

Taking a deep breath, I make the necessary calls to cancel evening plans. After doing so, the sense of peace that washes over me, I might have never known. Because now, and all because of botched plans, I have this whole three-quarters of an hour to myself.