Our Stealthy Weapon Against China: Junk Food

A growing preference for Western-style fast food in Asian and Southeast Asian countries already shows an impact on their populations' health, and not in a good way, according a newly released study. During the study's 16-year follow-up period, 2,252 participants developed diabetes and 1,397 died of heart attacks or heart-related diseases.

Are We Healthier Now Than in 1900?

This month, the New England Journal of Medicine published an illustration showing that not only are people now living longer, they are dying of fewer things. However, with this progress, we have also fallen victim to a new subset of maladies. For example, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Why You Need To Get To Bed On Time

WASHINGTON - More people pull the night shift. Teens text past midnight and stumble to class at dawn. Travelers pack red-eye flights.Nodding off behind the wheel isn't the only threat from a lack of s...

Taking Action Against Diabetes

We all know someone in our family who has diabetes, and this support will help those we hold dear. That's why we are working with key organizations and stakeholders to help prevent diabetes, and to improve the lives of those who have or who may develop diabetes.

Scary News About Metabolic Syndrome

TORONTO - More encouragement for Canadians to watch their waistlines and other health indicators comes from new research suggesting that 19 per cent of adults have metabolic syndrome.Metabolic syndrom...

Diabetes: Profits Before Evidence

What if most of the bleeding and checking blood sugar levels is a waste of time, does almost nothing to control your diabetes, makes you anxious or depressed and threatens the sustainability of the public health-care system?