Divorce Law


The "Marriage" of Estate and Family Law

The shift: divorce and other complicated family dynamics mean closer ties between the two worlds of family law and estate law. As family dynamics shift away from the previous norm of a single traditional marriage and nuclear family, and toward increasing numbers of second and subsequent marriages, blended families, and common law relationships, the need for estate planning becomes a more pressing and complex concern.

What I Wanted Most After Divorce? My Name Back

The moment the judge said in the court that my divorce is granted and asked if there was anything else I wanted to add to the list of wishes granted on my behalf, it was a no-brainer -- I wanted my name back. Little did I realize then the implications it would have for days, months, and years to come.

The Divorce Law Biz Is Booming And Here's Why

We are marrying less. Our divorce rate continues to climb (notwithstanding Statistics Canada's claims to the contrary). What's going on? In my 35th year of practice, I am witnessing what I believe to be a tidal wave of change in our views and attitudes towards marriage and divorce.

What Kind of Divorce Client Are You?

All of my clients are easily divided into two groups: magnet holders and dust collectors. Magnet holders take their newly signed separation agreement and put it on their fridge with a huge magnet. They refer to it daily. Dust collectors put their newly signed agreements in a drawer and let them collect -- you guessed it -- dust.

Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Each week I will answer questions about a particular aspect of divorce law. I'll provide a basic understanding of the law and some helpful tips. I may even spice things up with an interview with a lawyer who completed a noteworthy case or even a client who's consented to having their information in the public domain.

Do Custody Wars Poison Children?

Parents who fight over child custody and access bring out the worst in themselves and often poison their children along the way. Divorce lawyers who are stuck in the middle of high conflict family dis...