Doug Holyday


No Byelection For T.O. Council Seat

TORONTO - Toronto's city council has voted to appoint a replacement for Doug Holyday, who recently won a seat in Ontario's legislature, instead of holding a byelection in the city.Mayor Rob Ford had b...

Without a By-Election, Democracy Is a Sham

On Monday, city council will decide how to replace Doug Holyday as councillor for Ward 3, Etobicoke-Centre. Although it will cost up to $225,000 to hold a by-election, council's own policies say that's the right choice. Anyone who values democracy will agree.

Holyday In?

If Doug Holyday is looking for a way out of the turmoil at Toronto’s city hall — or just less stressful work — he may have found it as Tim Hudak's candidate for the Ontario Tories in the upcoming Etob...

Ford Must Speak, Deputy Mayor Says

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford broke his week-long silence Friday to deny he smokes crack cocaine and to lambaste the media for judging him, but his assertions seemed unlikely to douse the raging flames of...

Why Ford May Be Staying Quiet

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues to stonewall the media over allegations that he was recorded on video smoking what appears to be crack cocaine, but his brother Coun. Doug Ford told reporters Wednesda...

Caught Playing Hookey

Mayor Rob Ford is playing defence again for putting football ahead of city hall business. Ford missed about two and a half hours of Thursday’s council meeting to attend a football game of the high sc...
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Plastic Ban Sparks Legal Threat

Industries affected by Toronto's plastic bag ban are threatening legal action if city council doesn't reverse the ban. The plastics industry is lobbying hard, saying that 90 per cent of the plastic b...

Toronto Headed For Lockout?

The head of one of Toronto's unions says a lockout is almost a certainty in January because the city wants to target so-called jobs for life provisions. "The city's initial offer is a direct attack o...

Squeegee Clean? He Says...She Says...

They muddy your windshield and assault your wipers and aerial. And for their 'work' they want to be paid. In Toronto this week, a man waved one of them off. When ignored, he got out of his car, and was beaten about the head. Other cities have run them off, and if the political will is there, Toronto can do it too.