Drug Shortage


The High Cost of Low Prescription Drug Prices

Drug shortages remain a source of headache for health professionals throughout the country. Policies that artificially lower prices end up making the production of certain prescription drugs simply unprofitable. In the long run, this situation has the effect of pressuring several pharmaceutical companies to abandon the production of drugs whose profit margins are too small and reallocate their resources to the production of others with a better chance of being profitable. We are missing our target if, by trying to ensure that drugs are safe and sold at low prices, we create shortages.

Ottawa Dips Into Emergency Drug Supply

TORONTO - The federal government has offered to dip into its emergency supply of medications to help ease the ongoing drug shortage created by production problems at Sandoz Canada.The Public Health Ag...

Victims Of Canada's Drug Shortage?

EDMONTON - Sick pets may soon feel the pain of a national shortage of some drug types that has already affected some of their owners.Veterinarians across the country say that production cuts from a fa...

Harper Supports NDP.. On Drugs

The House of Commons unanimously supported a motion from the NDP on Wednesday that would require drug companies to report any planned production disruptions to Health Canada. Conservative MPs, includ...

Feds Slammed Over Drug Shortages

TORONTO - The Canadian Cancer Society wants federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq to do more to address the urgent issue of drug shortages in the country, and says a mandatory reporting system for lo...