Drummond Report


Want to Save Money In Ontario? Cut the Fat in Education

For the sake of future generations, we need to take immediate and forceful action to deal with Ontario's massive deficit. And of course, to cut the deficit we will need to cut government waste, and that includes cutting the wasteful practices so prevalent in our education system. Ontario is going to have to take drastic action lest it go the way of Greece.

Will Wynne Untangle Ontario's Fiscal Mess?

Having won the Ontario Liberal Party's leadership, Premier-designate Kathleen Wynne has a golden opportunity to chart a new course and undo Dalton McGuinty's legacy of fiscal mismanagement. As Wynne contemplates priorities for her leadership she should seriously consider putting Ontario's deficit and debt problem on the top of her to-do list

Drummond Shows His Green Thumb

Though it makes for some über-heavy bed-time reading, and deserves a more thorough analysis than this blog pretends to be, a first pass through Don Drummond's 668-page report on public service reform...

Drummond's Dodge on Healthcare

All of Don Drummond's suggestions for the Ontario economy are wonderful -- in theory. But too many of these recommendations are platitudinous -- what one might get after a brainstorming session with a grade-six class. Too many are incremental rather than revolutionary, when a revolution is what we require.

Millenials: Victims of the Drummond Report

The Millennials are the first generation that will be worse off than their parents. By repealing the 30 per cent tuition credit -- as the Ontario government has done -- many youth cannot afford post-secondary education, condemning them to minimum wage jobs and hindering their ability to fully contribute to our society's economic life.

Read His Lips, No New Taxes

TORONTO - Ontario isn't waiting to bring down a budget to make decisions about which government services will be cut or reduced, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday."We’ve made thoughtful choices alr...

What the Drummond Report Didn't Tell Us

There are certain courses of action not outlined in economist Don Drummond's report about the Ontario economy that could help achieve long-term fiscal stability and redefine the way a Canadian province interacts with the rest of the federation and with the world.

Opposition Responds To Drummond Report

TORONTO - Now that economist Don Drummond has revealed his austerity plan for Ontario, the opposition parties are offering some advice of their own.Ontario is in bad fiscal shape, but struggling famil...

Highlights From The Drummond Report

TORONTO -- Don Drummond released his report outlining an extensive list of recommendations for cutting costs in the Ontario government on Wednesday. The wide-ranging report touched on everything from...