Duchess Kate


The Week In Review: Welcoming George and Defending the Crown

This week began with the end of the royal baby watch when the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth Monday to a baby boy. It turned out to be not only a happy occasion, but also the beginning of many debates. Did Prince William screw up plugging George into the car seat for his ride home from the hospital? Did Kate do fellow women a service by appearing for photographs with the remains of her baby bump still prominent? Or was the good undone by the less realistically attainable perfect hair, makeup, and clothes? (Where's the royal spit-up?) But perhaps the most productive discussions were those that involved the merits of the monarchy.

Meet Grandma

Queen Elizabeth is at Kensington Palace this morning to meet the latest member of the Royal Family — the baby born Monday to her grandson Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge....

Kate's New Dilemma

When she married Prince William in the spring of 2011, Kate was seen as a dynamic young royal who was doing much to breathe new life into the sometimes-fusty House of Windsor. But it didn't take...

Don't Canadians Care About The Royal Baby?

TORONTO - Canadians greeted their likely future king with a flurry of congratulations Monday, but the long-awaited announcement of the prince's birth didn't seem to spark the same frenzy that surround...

The Week In Review: O Baby, Where Art Thou?

This week was a week of waiting. In the U.K. (and, let's face it, much of the world), all eyes were on the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, searching for signs that the first stages of her baby's birth might be beginning. Meanwhile, a more sombre watch has been focused on former South African president Nelson Mandela, who remains in a Pretoria hospital after weeks of treatment and waxing and waning rumours that he is near death. No matter how powerful, famous, or celebrated a person might be, birth and death are two things that remain immune to man's predictions and plans.