Edmonton Municipal Election 2013

Provincial Parties Watch Edmonton Election

Edmonton's Municipal Election has come and gone, with now a new Mayor, six new councillors (although one of whom is Mike Nickel who is a past Councillor from 2004-2007), and six returning councillors. Although it is important to the provincial parties who has been elected, it is almost as important to note 'who' didn't get elected.

A Coronation And A Blowout

It was a coronation in Calgary on Monday as wildly popular Mayor Naheed Nenshi handily won re-election. There was also a blowout in Edmonton, where former city councillor Don Iveson took over the top...

Alla Ternikova for Edmonton Ward 5

My family ran away from the Soviet Union 23 years ago. We spent about a year-and-a-half trying to find a country that would accept us. We received permission to land in Canada. We started our life here with two little children (2 and 6 years old respectfully), 20 kg of personal possession per head (that was all that Soviet Government allowed us to take along) and $10, 000 debt to a charity that helped us to move away from Soviet Union and arrive in Canada. The first years were tough on us because we had no English, no friends and no family to rely on.

Jamie Post for Edmonton Ward 1

Council should ensure that city policies strike a fair balance between various interests and stakeholders. "Good government" should be good for everyone, not just those who have the time and resources to gain greater access to government. Council should strive to provide facilities, services, and policies, that the majority of Edmontonians want and can afford. At the same time, Council needs to keep in mind that a strong economy is what makes municipal facilities, infrastructure, and service possible, and it should do everything it can to create a good environment for prosperous businesses and a diverse economy in the city.

Delivering on Edmonton's Long Term Vision

In my first term, I argued strongly that the city needed a long term vision. Six years later, I am proud to say we have a 40-year vision for the City. We have ten-year plans in municipal development, transportation, environmental sustainability, economic diversity, and quality of life, and we have implemented a new city financing master plan. I am proud of the work that Council has accomplished in the last six years to create a long term vision for this City. However, much of the real work still needs to be done to make that vision a reality. This is why I chose to run for re-election. In particular, I believe we need to focus on

Bryan Sandilands for Edmonton Ward 1

Full disclosure: I like Andrew Knack. He's an intelligent young man who has a passion for civic politics. At 29-years of age, he enters his third race for Edmonton City Council; he has spent the last seven years trying for a seat. In the run-up to this election, Andrew was very transparent about his goal, accepting funds from a real estate developer in order to beat the incumbent. On August 16, 2013, however, Councillor Sloan announced her retirement from politics.

Sonia Bitar for Edmonton Ward 11

I am excited about this opportunity to serve my community. I came to Edmonton 37 years ago with my husband Souheil and my 3 children: Shafic, Marc and Robin. We fell in love with Edmonton and never left. My professional background, I served as the Citizenship Judge for Northern AB, Executive Director of Changing Together, a centre for immigrant women, and the Public affairs officer with Transport Canada.

Dennis Gane for Edmonton Ward 11

I have lived in Ward 11 for the majority of my life and I am aware of our issues. I have 4 children, 2 biological and 2 adopted (Metis and First Nations). I am committed to diversity, inclusion, and our environment. Speaking of the latter, I kept my campaign literature to a minimum and my signage to 500, plus 25 large signs.

Harvey Panesar For Edmonton Ward 11: My Vision For Edmonton

I believe in Ward 11 and that's why I'm raising my kids here My vision for Edmonton is to create a progressive environment that nurtures the growth of business, affordable living and social responsibility. In the next City Council I will raise the profile of Ward 11 and ensure it is a symbol of optimism and renewal. I believe in Ward 11 and that's why I'm raising my kids here.

Brent Schaffrick for Edmonton Ward 11

Thank you for considering me for the position of City Councillor for Ward 11. My name is Brent Schaffrick, and I want to make Ward 11 a better place to live! Specifically, I want faster snow removal in the winter, smoother roads, a reasonable speed limit on the Whitemud, and a stop to water Fluoridation. I also want to ride the LRT all the way from Millwoods to the west end, and make certain the downtown Arena does not cost more than promised.

Richard Feehan's Vision for Edmonton and Ward 10: Planning Decades Into the Future

During my lifetime, Edmonton has grown from a small prairie city into one of Canada's largest metropolitan areas. We have always celebrated the neighbourliness of the community and the incredible opportunities for individual success while at the same time creating a vibrant social life. We are a great city, but we are also on the brink of becoming an exceptional city. The potential to become a model city of the future is in our hands.

Ray Bessel for Edmonton Ward 10

While my front line political experience is not vast; my observation, acquired knowledge, business and life experience is enormous. I have varied and extensive experience on boards, executives and councils; which I find exhilarating! I can clearly articulate opinions, create valuable discussion, and through positive democratic procedures, work to achieve well informed decisions.
Twitter, Don Iveson

He's Leading

EDMONTON - Edmonton could see a generational change at the top next week after a Journal poll indicated more than half of the decided voters support Don Iveson for mayor. The poll, done by Leger, foun...

Dexx Williams For Edmonton Ward 6

Hi, my name is Dexx, Dexx Williams, and before I talk about why I'm running to improve the City, allow me to share a bit of my background with you... As you may know, I'm currently a police officer here in Central Edmonton, and have been for the past six years, but that experience is only part of what I bring to the table at City Hall.

Derrick Forsythe: Experience - the Right Mix for Edmonton's Diverse Ward 6

The easiest job in the world is to sit back and chuck bricks... It's a line - albeit a saltier version - that I first heard as a teenager back in New Brunswick. It was at a golf course. My friend's dad was the Club President and was talking with a friend of his at the end of a meeting in which the membership was attempting to keep the course afloat. The meeting has been a little raucous and he was discussing some peoples' dissenting comments with a close friend of his.

Hafis Devji, Ward 10 Edmonton: Edmonton's Future Depends on a Solid Foundation

Edmonton has been Hafis Devji's home for his entire life. He has lived here for over 40 years, since his parents emigrated from East Africa, when their political leader, Idi Amin, forced out Devji's family along with 80,000 other Ugandan residents. Since his family has been in Edmonton, the Devjis have played an active role in the local business scene and within social organizations around the community.

Brian A Deacon for Edmonton's Ward 8

My name is Brian Deacon ,I have been waiting for the chance to introduce myself, and engage in a bit of discussion about the issues affecting us all as Edmontonians. I am running for city council for various reasons and hope to get more in depth about that here. To begin with, I have lived in multiple cities across Canada over the course of my life, but Edmonton is the city that really speaks to me.