Egypt Protests


Should We Have Democracy on Demand?

Before there was a Facebook page for everything, democracy was built on the bargaining of ideas at political party conventions. Critical discussion can't and won't take place in the streets and squares of a capital near you. It is time to realize that there is simply no app for democracy.

It's Time for Rule of Law in Egypt

Freedom of speech and association are not options in a democracy -- they are the very foundation of democratic life. I am therefore deeply concerned by last week's announcement by Egyptian authorities that the state of emergency will be extended for a further two months.

What You've Read About Egypt Is Wrong

In Egypt, there was a strong desire to be able to clearly declare who/what was absolutely right and who/what was absolutely wrong; there was a strong desire to be able to state what needed to be done -- in clear, concrete terms. In my mind, the complexity of facts was often, also, a tragic victim.

In Egypt, Only the Dead Know Who is Right

What stance do I take on Egypt? I can defend the killings and support the military, but my voice will change nothing on the ground. On the other hand, I can condemn the killings, guessing but not knowing, that of the 900 or more estimated dead so far, most were not armed, not terrorists, some not even Morsi supporters.

Canadians Held In Egypt

A pair of Canadians detained in Egypt, where nearly 1,000 people have been killed in clashes between police and supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi, will get a second visit today from Canadi...

Canadian Resident Dies In Egypt

OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs confirms that a Canadian resident has died in the strife in Egypt.A spokeswoman would only say the person was a permanent Canadian resident married to a Canadian citizen.She s...

Canada Calls For Calm In Egypt

OTTAWA - As anger spreads throughout Egypt over a military crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, Canada is calling for calm while Egyptian Canadians watch in horror from a distan...

Egypt's Military Leadership Is Playing with Fire

Whatever Egyptians want politically, they don't want the current violence and chaos to continue or worsen, which is exactly what Sisi invited with his Wednesday speech when he called for Egyptians to return to the streets. The coming days in Egypt will be violent and unsettling to watch.

Egyptian Army Kills Dozens

CAIRO - Egyptian security forces killed more than 50 supporters of Egypt's ousted president in one of the deadliest single episodes of violence in more than 2 1/2 years of turmoil. The toppled leader'...

I Envy Egypt -- And You Should Too

Instead of denouncing the direct democratic actions of Egyptians, perhaps the pundits and Canadian leaders should be asking themselves: how can we re-enfranchise Canadians to participate as willingly and energetically in their country as Egyptians are in theirs? Canadians blog and tweet, but we do not cover Parliament Hill with protestors. Our lives are comfy in comparison to the Egyptians, so maybe that's why we do not protest. Yet there must be a sense of powerlessness, of hopelessness even among the comfy for fewer and fewer Canadians to be going to the polls.
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No Backing Down

CAIRO - With a military deadline for a resolution to Egypt's political crisis looming, the country braced for a showdown Wednesday after embattled President Mohammed Morsi insisted he will not step do...

Don't Let Extremists Speak For You

The fact that most governments and citizens in the west supported the cause of democracy and human rights in the countries of the Arab Spring shows that there is a growing clash of extremists rather than a clash of civilizations. There is a urgent need for leaders in the U.S., Canada and the west to demonstrate to the moderate majorities in all their countries that the extremists in their midst should not be allowed to speak for them.

"Punked" Egyptians Reveal Their Hatred of Jews

On July 20, an Egyptian T.V. show prank where famous Egyptian actors believed they were being interviewed by a German T.V. station, turned into mayhem when they were told they were being interviewed on an Israeli network. This should serve as an ominous warning about the prevailing hateful sentiments Egyptian Arabs hold for Jews.

Occupy Wall Street Is Not the Arab Spring

Where the pushers of Occupy Wall Street have erred so grievously is in comparing their struggle to that of the brave Arab Spring protesters who, even today, continue to bare their chests to real bullets. Protest-envy and the desire to suffer and to "win" like they did in the Arab Spring is couched in psuedo-militaristic terminology like "occupy" and "rebellion."