Ontario's Health Care Priorities Are All Wrong

Last week, two health care stories in the news that got relatively little attention illustrated exactly what is wrong with the direction health care is taking in Ontario, under the leadership of its hapless Health Minister Eric Hoskins, and beleaguered Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Race To Centralize Your Medical Info Creates A Single Point For Hackers

These electronic health record databases will be hacked and sold. Unlike the dynamic balance in the case of a bank account compromise, your entire medical history will not change, and will always be valuable. Your medical information is already worth more than credit card data, so why in the world would our governments be racing to be putting this in a centralized place, creating a single point for hackers?

The Scandals That Dogged McGuinty

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced his resignation on Monday night. McGuinty led Canada's largest province for nine years and was elected to two consecutive majorities. But his time in Ontario...

We Need Health Care 2.0

Our nation is often defined by our passion for hockey, our taste for beer, and our universal health care system. There is little question that Canada's hockey prowess endures and our beer remains cold. But our health care system? Overburdened, and totally ill-prepared to endure the perfect storm that lies ahead.