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Shooting 'Heroes' Being Demoted: May

As the government prepares to make the case for its controversial proposal to turn over security control of the parliamentary precinct to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, some MPs are already expres...
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Stop Stephen Harper's Assault on our National Parks

If Stephen Harper wants to boost tourism, why has his administration cancelled all advertising for Canada in the U.S. market? Every step he has taken (slashing access for seasonal workers to EI, cutting the programmes to allow visitors to claim back their GST and HST, and ending our advertising in the U.S.) appear geared to undermine the tourism sector. And our national parks are to be sacrificed to take up the slack.
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I Spoke About Jian Before Knowing the Facts

I tweeted my support for Jian yesterday before seeing the newspaper reported in today's Toronto Star. Due to my schedule in Parliament, I did not have a chance to read the Toronto Star story until after Question Period. I apologize to those who feel I let them down by appearing to "take sides" and disbelieve the women who were interviewed by the Toronto Star.

How I Became Leader of the Green Party

It had to be the most embarrassing credit interview ever -- embarrassing both for me and for the woman from the Ottawa Women's Credit Union who had to ask the questions. Then the question I had not seen coming: "What do you want the line of credit for? Home renovations?" I swallowed hard and answered in a contrite whisper, "I need it to run for the leadership of a federal political party." I didn't think telling her it was the Green Party would help.

Green Party Enjoys Fundraising BONANZA

OTTAWA - Green party Leader Elizabeth May is defending her party's former president as a "true Green," but admits Paul Estrin's recent pro-Israel comments "created confusion" about the party's positio...

Elizabeth May's Fact Sheet Is More of an Opinion Sheet

Recently, Green Party leader Elizabeth May orchestrated an open letter to United States Secretary of State John Kerry, urging the U.S. to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. In her note, Ms. May states that she sent Mr. Kerry "4 facts about Keystone XL." Unfortunately, two of Ms. May's facts aren't actually facts, and two of her facts are so lacking in context as to constitute merely factoids.