Katy Perry and Eminem Need To Grow Up

Pop and rap both favour youth -- see: Miley -- but artists of the stature of Katy Perry and Eminem don't have to pretend. We have eyes. Ears, too. They'd earn a lot more respect by acting their age and winning us over with their music. After all, that's why we're still listening to them.

WATCH: Eminem's 'Berzerk' Dad-Rap Video

Hot on the heels of trolling ESPN for some free publicity, Eminem has released the video for 'Berzerk,' a return-to-form of sorts for the legendary rapper. While Eminem's last album "Relapse" did well...

WATCH: Eminem Trolls ESPN

Why was Eminem on your TV screens during ESPN's "Saturday Night Football" halftime show? Sure, it was to promote his new song and video "Berzerk," as well as his upcoming album "The Marshall Mathers L...