Empty Nest

Writing Happy

Can I write happy? I don't know that I can. Everything that I've ever written and been proud of came from intense sadness, overwhelming disappointment, or terrifying despair. How can anything other th...
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My Divorce Made Me Realize Our Home Was Never Mine

When relationships end, it is a sad fact that people take sides, assets are split, and someone, if not both parties, must relocate. The "Geographies of Divorce" is the shifting of boundaries, the renegotiation of territory, the displacement, isolation and the staggering trauma of homelessness that accompanies divorce.

Mothers and Daughters: Picking Up the Phone

I had always wanted for my kids to call me because their heart wanted to, not because they felt they had to. I wanted to be a joy to them, not an unwanted obligation. But maybe they were feeling that I didn't care about them anymore? Was I being a bad mother?