Energy East


Pipeline Battles Harm Everyone

The Pipeline Bogeyman is the New Baby Seal Hunt -- a cause celebre for environmentalists and their fellow travelers as varied as meddling movie stars or Middle Eastern oil sheikhdoms that finance anti-development, anti-fracking, anti-oil sands efforts.My favourite example of the hidden and cynical geopolitical forces aimed at stifling Canada's economic development was the cinematic flop against natural gas fracking called "Promised Land" starring Matt Damon and financed by Abu Dhabi, the world's third biggest oil exporter.

More Than 10,000 Jobs?

CALGARY - A study commissioned by TransCanada Corp. shows Ontario and Quebec among the biggest economic winners from construction of its proposed Energy East pipeline, though company CEO Russ Girling...

Pipelines As Nation-Builders? Um...

CALGARY - To hear some proponents of the Energy East project tell it, when the taps open on the $12-billion oil pipeline the moment will be as significant as when the last spike was driven into the Ca...