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Canada's Taxpayers Are Giving Billions To A National Embarrassment

Canada won a distinction last month that most of us would rather we had lost: We had the most companies on a list of firms banned from doing business with the World Bank over corruption. All but a few of the Canadian companies banned from doing World Bank business were actually subsidiaries of one company: SNC-Lavalin. You would think a company that has brought so much bad publicity to Canada's name around the world, whose alleged corruption comes within a whisker of touching Canadian politicians, would be a toxic hot potato no government in Canada would want to touch. Well, you'd be wrong.

Evergreen Line Stations Named

Government officials gathered in Coquitlam Saturday to announce the Evergreen rapid transit line is on track for completion in 2016 and the station names have been finalized. TransLink's SkyTrain lin...
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Translink's Cash Plan Revealed

TransLink has announced it has found nearly $100 million in new efficiencies over each of the next three years to help cover its funding gap. The Lower Mainland transit authority made the revelation...