AG Plays Defence On Scathing F-35 Report

Significant items were missing from the Canadian government's cost estimates for F-35 fighter jets Auditor General Michael Ferguson told MPs on the public accounts committee today. He also said the D...

The F-35 "Scandal" that Never Took Off

As a general rule I find it's hard to get overly outraged when the scandalousness in question is the result of a) politicians lying, b) politicians wasting money, or c) politicians lying about wasting money.Lucky we have lots of pundits who are great at filling holes!

Time to Sick the Watchdogs on the AG

The F-35 scandal has shown how the Prime Minister and senior government officials are very reluctant to penalize anyone, especially themselves. The good government watchdog agencies must all be given the power to penalize wrongdoers with high fines -- to bite not just bark.
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Answers to F-35 Fiasco Lie in a Black Box of Bureaucracy

The DND released information on the total cost of the program but failed to include billions of dollars in long term costs, a significant item. Who made the decision to release inadequate information? Did no one object internally? When the minister used these released figures, did no one in the department red flag it for the minister to say the number was not completely accurate?
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The HUGE Cost For The F-35

These recent weeks have not been the best of times for the fate of the F-35 fighter jet, as the auditor general's devastating report on Tuesday bears out. The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program that...