F-35 Jet


Good Riddance F-35s: You Just Took Up (Air) Space

The Canadian government is adopting a newly flexible stance on the purchase of fighter jets to replace Canada's aging fleet. The urban and covert warfare that increasingly defines combat missions in the 21st century cannot be fought with fighter jets. Nor is there a threat to Canada at home that can be countered with aerial domination.
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F-35 Problems Mount

Production of early models of the F-35 Lightning II should slow down to help reduced costs after potential cracks and "hot spots" were found following testing, the U.S. military's program head says....

More F-35 Fails

OTTAWA - The first dozen or so F-35s slated to arrive in Canada won't be equipped with software that allows the stealth fighters to communicate with ground forces, a feature designed to prevent incide...

F-35 A Bargain At $65 Million A Pop?

It's not every day that a defence contractor tells you you're planning to pay way too much for their latest high-tech gizmo. But don't say it can't happen. When buyers are drowning in debt and sticke...