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Deciding Between A Leasehold And A Freehold Property

In some areas of B.C., buyers have the option to purchase freehold or leasehold properties. Vancouver's West End has leasehold condos, for instance, while False Creek, Fairview Slopes, and Point Grey offer leasehold town homes and detached houses. You might also see listings for leasehold properties on Vancouver Island in James Bay and other areas. However, it's important to understand the financing implications of a leasehold property before making an offer.

Big Oil vs. Beautiful Orca: Which Side Are You On?

Everyone in the Vancouver area was thrilled to see or hear about the pods of dolphins and orcas showing up in English Bay and False Creek this past weekend. Probably the only people not happy about it were the folks at the massive Texas-based energy corporation Kinder Morgan.

Dîner en Blanc Brings Sparkly Spectacle Back to Vancouver

Vancouverites descended on the neighboring grounds beside Science World last night for the city's second annual Dîner en Blanc pop-up picnic and after party. About 2,500 lucky attendees donned whimsical white ensembles to participate in a tradition that began in Paris 25 years ago and I've been anticipating this event for weeks.

If Politicians Won't Fix Healthcare, Maybe This Doctor Will

Does our belief in, and desire to have, a public universal health care system conflict with our human and individual right to have timely access to the care we need if the system is not responsive? That is the question that will soon be before the courts. Dr. Brian Day, former president of the Canadian Medical Association, is forcing the issue. He is now CEO of a private, for-profit hospital in Vancouver. We aren't supposed to have those in Canada, but we do. Everywhere. Why? Because there is a huge market demand for timely and quality health care that is not being met by the public system.

SUPer Vessels Jam False Creek

A new arrival to B.C. shorelines is creating extra traffic and sometimes bringing confusion to Vancouver's busy boat harbours. A decade ago, few had heard of the sport of stand-up paddling, but in 20...

Human Remains Sent To Vancouver Schools

VANCOUVER - Staff opening the mail at two Vancouver elementary schools Tuesday discovered a human hand and a human foot, prompting immediate speculation — but no concrete answers — that the ghastly de...

Mystery Vancouver Foot Is Indeed Human

VANCOUVER - An autopsy has confirmed the latest foot to wash ashore inside a running shoe in B.C. is human, says a coroner who has a mystery to solve.Stephen Fonseca (Fon-Sec-Ah) said Wednesday the Bu...