'Why He Is Still Around, I Don't Know'

OTTAWA - Longtime denizens of Parliament Hill know Veterans Affairs as a troublesome, thankless ministerial assignment, but it rarely generates the kind of sustained political heat the Harper governme...

Minister Fantino Must Resign to Restore Dignity to Veterans

For the Minister to forego meeting with some of the preeminent experts on mental health in the country gathered over three days discussing the very topic his department was deservedly admonished for is truly regrettable. There is a mental health crisis ravaging our veterans and the Minister needs to show more leadership in solving it. It's patently obvious Minister Fantino has lost his moral authority to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. We need someone who actually gives a damn about the lives of our country's veterans. It's time for him to resign!

Will Canada Improve its International Reputation in 2013?

2013 will be a determinant year for Canada on the international scene. Best illustrated by the new directives given to the Canadian International Development Agency's (CIDA), the policy shifts initiated by our government in terms of international aid in the last year cast doubt on the role we will play in overcoming the many hurdles developing countries face.