7 Questions You Should Ask About Federal Budget Cuts

To what extent is a given budget cut driven by ideology? The introduction of the omnibus crime bill and the elimination of the gun registry are red meat tossed to the Conservatives' electoral base. What other programs will need to go in order to satisfy this core constituency?

Useless Subs Will Sink Our Navy

What advantage would nuclear subs give Canada? Well, we could better detect Russian subs under Arctic ice. What would we do if we detected Russian subs? Well, we could inform the CBC which would relay the fact to Canadians. Would we consider torpedoing a Russian sub? Good gracious no!

Arctic Fighter Jets? Yes! Universities? No.

We will gladly spend $9 billion on F-35 fighter jets, ostensibly to help patrol our Arctic airspace and keep it Russian-free. What we will not do is spend real money on higher education for people in the North. For instance, the Canadian government quietly slashed funding for the University of the Arctic.

Are We Buying Jets That Can't Fly?

It seems that the F-35, the fighter jets that Canada is planning on buying to replace our aging F-18s, are running into more trouble. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the plane's power syste...