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How To Build Profitable Client Relationships That Last

One thing I have learned after more than three decades as a marketing communications consultant and business coach is that robust client relationships take time, even years, to build. They are the result of efforts to build trust through delivering value. Here are ten tips to consider to create client relationships built on trust.
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The One Relationship Everyone Should Have

When my husband walked out of the house one Sunday morning and a police officer walked up my driveway later to inform me he had been killed in an accident, one of the most important relationships in my life was forever changed. Little did I know, that another relationship I had been building over time was about to become one of the most important in my entire lifetime, the relationship with my financial advisor.

Why Women Trust Women With Their Money

A lack of understanding of how women do business is one of the reasons so many women are demanding female financial advisors. The industry, however, is sadly under-served by women. In 2012, less than 25 per cent of advisors are women. As a result, the business is neglecting the needs of women and is thus ignoring hundreds of millions of dollars of potential revenue and profit.