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John and Jane Doe: Can We Afford a Mortgage?

For the last ten years, John, Jill and the kids have been living in a rented townhouse. Their dream has always been to save enough for a good down payment towards a detached house close to transit. John thinks they're close to having 15 per cent down, but Jill still has some concerns and suggested that they sit down with a mortgage expert for some advice.

Build A House In 4 DAYS!

Why wait to build a home when you can assemble it in as few as four days, with little more than a drill? That's Laval, Que.-based builder Marc Bovet's mantra. He's the founder of Bone Structure, a com...

Is Housing Slowing Down?

B.C.'s real estate market is set to see slower sales growth this year compared to 2013. So says the first quarter housing forecast update from the B.C. Real Estate Association (BCREA), which predicts...

B.C. Homes Selling For $1

In Vancouver, you're hard-pressed to find a home for less than a million dollars. But the town of Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon is offering up two historic houses for $1 apiece. "We&apos...

B.C. Homes For Just $1!

In possibly the biggest B.C. real estate bargain since last year's offer of a free house in Chilliwack, two heritage homes near the town of Boston Bar are available to buy for just $1 each. "One dolla...

LOOK: Designs On The 'Hobbit House'

One of Vancouver's "Hobbit Houses" will be restored as part of a townhouse development if the owner has his way. W.T. Leung Architects has filed a rezoning application with the City of Vancouver that...

No Fear For Vancouver Property Market

The Vancouver real estate market continues to grow unabated, with the demand for single family homes particularly strong, according to a new report released Thursday by Sotheby's International Realty...

LOOK: Vancouver's Most Valuable Homes

Vancouver's most expensive homes are concentrated largely on the city's west side, with five out of the top 10 priciest properties located on a single street. That's according to the annual round up f...