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John and Jane Doe: Can We Afford a Mortgage?

For the last ten years, John, Jill and the kids have been living in a rented townhouse. Their dream has always been to save enough for a good down payment towards a detached house close to transit. John thinks they're close to having 15 per cent down, but Jill still has some concerns and suggested that they sit down with a mortgage expert for some advice.

B.C. Homes Selling For $1

In Vancouver, you're hard-pressed to find a home for less than a million dollars. But the town of Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon is offering up two historic houses for $1 apiece. "We&apos...

Home Sales Surge

VANCOUVER - Home sales in Vancouver were up nearly 40 per cent in October compared with a year ago, when sales dropped following changes to the mortgage lending rules, the Real Estate Board of Greater...