Shockingly Low Literacy Rates Prove First Nations Kids Are Being Left Behind

Buried in a department performance report, we learned the shocking news of the failures of literacy and numeracy in First Nation schools. In the Ontario region, students who participated in provincial standardized testing in 2013-2014 ended up with an average literacy score of 21 per cent for boys and 32 per cent for girls. What are the results of educating children in a system that has been systematically underfunded for decades? Unless we are willing to break this cycle of underfunding and negligence, the question will need to be asked -- who will stand up to apologize to this generation of children who are being deliberately left behind?
Courtesy of Janell Burley Hoffman

First Nations Children "Had Never Seen a Shower Before"

When Cindy Blackstock noticed two aboriginal girls brought to a group home just staring at a shower, she started questioning whether being thrown into foster care was harming First Nations children as much as the environments they were being removed from. Three times more First Nations children are being removed from their families today than at the peak of the residential school system in 1949.