Alvin Gilens

Give Cycling a Chance: Top 10 Charity Cycling Tips

If you've been driving along the country roads of Canada this summer, you've surely noticed the growing popularity of cycling. Another growing trend is cycling for a good cause with more and more charity cycling events popping up across the country. The Ride for Karen, which is an annual cycling event that my brother and I started as a tribute to the life and legacy of our mother Karen, is just one example.

An A To Z Of Fitness For 2012

What is it about the impending summer season that compels so many people to get out and exercise? It could be the continual shedding of clothing layers, the thought of appearing poolside and feeling l...

The Top Fitness Trends For 2012

If you think your parking spot at the gym is doing you a favour, you might be wrong. Nathan Mellalieu, owner and trainer at Studeo 55, a boutique health club in Vancouver, B.C., and the reason why k...